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The Psycho-Spiritual Teachings of Richard Harvey

Satsang ~ Being in the company of truth.​

Satsang is a word which comes from Sanskrit and means "to associate with true people," to be in the company of true people, either by sitting with a guru or in a group meeting seeking that association. These satsangs open a space for the seeker to consider his or her own self-realization in support of The Center for Human Awakening's mission. The 'truth' is explored and shared through the teachings of the Center as manifest through the lectures contained in the e-books Dharma Sky, Moksha Dawn, and Bodhi Ocean. The satsangs will be hosted by Robert Meagher, Co-Founder of The Center for Human Awakening.

Dates:  Last Sunday of each month
2017 - September 24, October 29, November 26, No gathering in December
2018 - January 28, February 25, March 25, April 29, May 27, June 24

Times: 7:00 - 8:30pm 


These intimate and interactive gatherings will begin promptly at 7pm with the chiming of tingshaw (prayer bells) or bowls to invite us into 10 - 15 minutes of meditative stillness and silence. This opening meditation is invited to ground those gathered and to prepare us for the forthcoming reading.

Your host will then share a reading from one of the Center's e-books (Dharma Sky, Moksha Dawn, and Bodhi Ocean).

The reading for the next gathering on September 24 will be "Absolute Freedom: The Path of Love, Devotion, and Surrender - Part 1." This lecture explores the freedom that is beyond our individual, personal preferences and egoistic understanding. Included will be an exploration of the human dilemma of the 21st century, relative and absolute freedom, devotion and love.

Following the reading, the space will be opened up to questions about the reading specifically, and / or any other questions participants may have. Your questions may be directed to, and responded to by, your host or the collective gathering of souls. 

Closing and departure

Is there a cost to attend the satsangs?
These satsangs are a heart-offering of the Center for Human Awakening. We invite your donations for participation in the satsang. Your donations go toward, at minimum, paying for rental space for the satsangs. A small donation basket will be available for you to offer your donations.

How do I register?
You can simply show up. You may wish to put yourself on an e-mailing list to be notified by email of the upcoming gathering. See the sidebar above and to the right to register your email for this purpose. You are also welcome to RSVP by emailing us at info@centerforhumanawakening.com Namaste

Who are these satsangs intended for?
These satsangs are intended for the sincere seeker of truth. All paths welcome.

How can I support these satsangs?
If you resonate with these conversations, please share this initiative on your social media and invite your friends. Your support is at the heart of our inspiration.

Who will host and moderate these satsangs?
Robert Meagher has been ordained as an Interfaith Minister, certified as a Psycho-Spiritual Psychotherapist, and leads a spiritual ministry in Ottawa, CANADA, called Spiritual Guidance. Robert is also Co-Founder of The Center for Human Awakening and has been certified through the Center as a Sacred Attention Therapy (SAT) Therapist (Level 1). 


Méditation, émotion et bonheur

Chaque semaine, je vous propose avec bonheur un atelier-conférence sur des thèmes variés se voulant une introduction à la méditation ainsi que sur la manière de trouver le bonheur et la compréhension des émotions selon la philosophie et psychologie bouddhiste tibétaine.
Les ateliers seront guidés par Paule, enseignante du Centre Paramita d'Ottawa-Gatineau, affilié au Centre Paramita de Québec.

Horaire : Lundi soir (19:00 - 20:30) 

Thème :
• 17 septembre : Introduction à la méditation
• 24 septembre : Pratiquer le lâcher prise
• 22 octobre : L'importance du moment présent
• 29 octobre : Comprendre le karma
• 12 novembre: Développer la compassion envers soi-même et autrui
• 19 novembre : Se libérer de la souffrance et de ces causes

Coût : 10$ l'atelier ou 60 $ la session de 6 ateliers
Enseignante : Paule Font
Contact : 819 918-9822 ou meditationgatineau@gmail.com
La conférence sera enrichie par de la méditation et des explications approfondies afin de vous apporter écoute, réflexion et intégration.

Amenez, si vous le souhaitez, un coussin de méditation et tapis de yoga ou couverture pour votre confort. Des chaises seront disponibles sur place.
249, North River Road, Ottawa, ON  K1L 8B7
Entrée face à la rue Wayling (secteur Vanier - rue de Montréal)

On the corner of North River Road and Wayling Ave
(entrance faces Wayling Avenue)

Veuillez, s'il-vous-plait, confirmer votre présence à une ou plusieurs conférences par courriel: meditationgatineau@gmail.com

ou envoyez votre paiement par chèque de 60 $ en date du 5 septembre ou payable sur place 10 $, libellé à l'ordre du Centre Paramita d'Ottawa-Gatineau, et posté à l'adresse suivante : 
Paule Font, 15 chemin Brown, Chelsea, QC J9B 1X3


Intuitive Soul Tapping

An EFT tapping group led by Diane Lanthier of www.SoulRestoration.ca.  

Join us for 2 hours of powerful spiritual intuitive energy work. Tap into and release your blocks and limitations created in this and other lifetimes! If it isn't love, it can be released, and we can work on identifying and releasing anger, sadness, grief, fear, phobias, anxiety, PTSD, etc. Releasing layers of emotional pain and blockages allows you to deepen your connection to yourself, your guidance, your intuition and your path.

Drop in - no pre-registration necessary!! $20.00/person.

For more information, visit Diane on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dianelanthier111



A therapy and discussion group for men to increase men's capacity for nurturing relationships and to become whole.

For more detailed information on this Meet Up please visit: www.servingyourjourney.com


Contact Robert at 613-204-0299 or rmeagher@servingyourjourney.com for more information                  



Pamela Holm brings Singing Bowls to the Oasis.
Singing bowls, songs and chants.

For upcoming events and other services please visit Pamela's website www.deepsoulsinging.com

Space is limited.

Contact Pamela Holm on 613-829-1556 for enrollment.