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"Wow where to start, the benefits continue to be more than I can list. The most benefit would have to be improved digestion, relief of chronic constipation and chronic sinus. As a result of the changes I have made in my diet I sleep much better than I ever have, feel more energy and can think clearer.
Therapeutic touch helped me to relax and receive healing energy. Nutritional information and a candida cleanse helped me rebalance my digestive system so that I can function much better.
I immediately felt cared for and at home at Peggy's Oasis. They actually listened to my concerns and determined the best treatment plan for me. The combination of knowledge and compassion of these practitioners helped make this a beautiful healing experience for me. I am deeply grateful for the healing I have received."
- J.V. Ottawa
"Thank you so very much for the generous opportunity provided by Peggy's Holistic Oasis to experience your services! I had already benefited from several wonderful reflexology treatments and gentle yoga sessions before I was selected to be sponsored.
The information I gained about myself from all of the practitioners in the sponsorship program has been so useful in enabling me to move forward - and the treatments were physically beneficial. I continue looking for work - but I am calmer and less stressed. I have had several small contracts since the treatments and I have a job interview in early May!"
- D.B. Ottawa
"I had a wonderful week-end ! I feel so great since our last session. I feel balanced, free and myself ! My attitude towards life and everything completely changed. I feel strong !!
M-A and I got engaged this week-end !!!!!  I love him so much. All the fears I had towards love are gone. I think about you every day Linda Lou. I am so blessed that God put you on my road.
Can’t wait to see you again!"
- Joelle