Sponsorship Program
An important goal of Peggy's Holistic Oasis is to develop an ongoing sponsorship program wherein clients lacking in financial resources are able to access complimentary care. This is created by each practitioner donating their expert services into a sponsorship “pool”. This donation is based on the percentage of paid clients each practitioner sees, thus it is the paying clients that make the sponsorship “pool” plentiful.
Clients may apply for sponsorship on-line by completing form below, or may download the form by clicking here.
They must satisfy the eligibility requirements which are outlined on the application form. This is not a charity or free service. Clients will be required to pay a small percentage of the standard fee for service, as this is their opportunity to financially contribute to the “pool”, which will in turn assist others.
This sponsorship is a packaged selection of services meant to provide the client with the greatest outcome on their path toward health and healing through complimentary health alternatives. Once they are on their way to wellness, it is up to the client to continue their journey with the new knowledge and skills they have obtained.
In most cases, the services offered as part of the sponsorship program will include EFT, Reflexology and Therapeutic Touch™, as assessed on an individual basis.
Sponsorship Program Application Form
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Please describe your circumstances to indicate the reason for you to be considered for sponsorship at this time:
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We have a requirement that our subsidized clients contribute financially to our sponsorship “pool”. This way you are contributing to the holistic care of others. You would be expected to contribute a minimum of $10 per $100 (10%), up to a maximum of $40 per $100 (40%) of services. Typically a package of services may have a value of $500, accordingly you would pay about $50 to $200 for your package of services. We ask that you fully consider this question and suggest the amount you would be willing contribute to the sponsorship “pool”, such as 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, including comments if desired: